Bokashi Bin

Bokashi Bin


Bokashi Bin


Ferment your food waste in 10 days.

Convert your cooked and uncooked organic food scraps into compost in 10 days! Compared to traditional composting, this method ferments or pickles your food waste rather than relying on the decomposing process.



Food scraps are layered with Bokashi Powder consisting of either wheat germ, wheat bran, or sawdust combined with molasses and effective microorganisms (EM) inside an air-tight Bokashi Bin to create “fermented organic matter.”

Unlike traditional composting, which is an aerobic process that requires oxygen, Bokashi is an anaerobic process that requires that you isolate the materials from oxygen as much as possible. The bucket should be opened only to add scraps, not to check on the materials.


GET STARTED! All you need is just a MyBokashi Bin and MyBokashi Powder. The Bin can be placed in the kitchen under the sink counter.

To start, sprinkle a layer of MyBokashi Powder at the bottom of the Bin.

Break food waste into smaller pieces. Food waste can be both cook and uncook. DO NOT ADD liquids, food that is rotting and moldy, big bones and non organic matter. Ensure food waste is drained well.

Throw in the well drained food waste. This is done preferably as the last kitchen chore of the night.

Sprinkle a handful of MyBokashi Powder over a 3-4cm of food waste. Add in more than normal for hard to decompose food such as meats and small bones. Press down the food waste every time you add them to the Bin to remove air from the layers.

Ensure the lid is secured tightly to reduce the amount of oxygen, creating ideal conditions for the pickling process. Repeat steps 3-5 until the Bin is full and cover with a generous layer of MyBokashi Powder. Let the full Bin sit for 10-14 days to ferment.

Drain liquid (Bokashi Tea) from the Bin 2-3 times a week. Continue to drain the liquid off the full Bin. Bokashi Tea can be used diluted as great natural fertilizer or poured directly into drains or kitchen sinks. Liquid cannot be stored and must be used within a few days.

Appearances of white growth on the surface and the presence of a sweet and sour pickle-like smell are good indicators that fermentation is in progress. When the full Bin fermentation period is completed, the content is ready to be buried into your garden or planter box.

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