Improper management of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) is one of the major causes of river pollution in Malaysia. To help combat the issue, WEIMAR actively works with businesses to prevent FOG from entering our drainage system.
Why is grease harmful?
High volumes of FOG will create drain pipe blockages, foul odours, and attract pests to your establishment over time. Fixing such problems will cost you even more time and money, disrupting your workflow and cleanliness in the process.

FOG can even overwhelm local treatment facilities, and contaminate our fresh water sources when not properly disposed of.
Purpose of Grease Traps.
Grease traps are designed to trap FOG before they enter the main wastewater systems. It consists of a large tank, where solids sink and FOG float, leaving clear water in the middle which flows into a second tank before it is discharged into sewer systems.
We are the leading supplier of the BESTEC Biological Grease Trap. Its design is compact and efficient, allowing it to effectively separate FOG from drainage water. It works by reducing the velocity of the inlet pipe, so that the effluent separates itself from the liquid compound. The solid food waste is then sieved with a crossover pipe that acts as a physical barrier between the solids and the outlet pipe.

For more technical specifications, kindly refer to the BESTEC Grease Trap catalogue, or contact us.


WEIMAR provides the maintenance of BESTEC Biological Grease Trap and drainage system, including:

• Scheduled maintenance
• Bio treatment
• Sludge removal
• Drain line maintenance

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